Location: Xerjoff / Level: First Floor / Parking: P2, Grand Parking

First Look

Casamorati Luxury Body Cream

Casamorati Luxury Body Cream with Camomile and Dog Rose

Casamorati Luxury Body Lotion 1888

Casamorati Luxury Body Lotion 1888 leaves the skin supple and smooth, silky radiant.

Casamorati Luxury Hair Mist

With Vitamin B5. The essence comes in a hydro-siliconized solution to be sprayed on hair stems. It r...

Casamorati Luxury Shower Gel

With Aloe Vera, Oats, Green Tea and Mallow, A special formula for a daily gentle cleansing to mainta...

Casamorati Bouquet Ideale

Casamorati Bouquet Ideale. Ideal Bouquet of Woods and Spice. Perfect scent for those who seek for pe...

Casamorati Dama Bianca

Casamorati Dama Bianca. White Lady trapped within her dreams. A time to allow yourself to dream with...

Casamorati Fiero

Casamorati Fiero. Perfect blend of rich Citrus and an ardent Spicy heart.

Casamorati Fiore D'Ulivo

Casamorati Fiore D'Ulivo. Springtime in a Mediterranean lands where the olive trees bloom for just f...

Casamorati Gran Ballo

Casamorati Gran Ballo. Fragrance of an ancient traditions of "Debutant Balls", born in 1700s.

Casamorati La Tosca

Casamorati La Tosca. An ardent bouquet of Italian Opera. Inspired by one of the most prominent works...

Casamorati Lira

Casamorati Lira. A fragrance of artistic flare and passion.

Casamorati Mefisto

Casamorati Mefisto. A truly Italian fragrance with oriental nuance.

Casamorati Regio

Casamorati Regio. Scent of magnificent sea and warm gentle breezes of Southern Regio, Italy.

Casamorati Dolce Amalfi

A romantic and adventurous perfume that flows throughout the old roads of Amalfi, Italy

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