Scratch & Win

DSS Surprize & Delight offer of the day - Digital Scratch & Win Campaign

General Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
  2. The Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign is applicable to individual participants only (not groups).
  3. The Dubai Mall reserves the right to modify, or discontinue the Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign without notice.
  4. The Dubai Mall will not be responsible for any technical failures/interruptions, internet accessibility problems, incomplete or inaccurate registration information, or other errors of any kind that may affect your registration for the Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign.
  5. The campaign shall be considered void where prohibited by law.
  6. By participating in this campaign you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand, and consent to these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.
  7. Emaar Malls (The Dubai Mall) Terms and Conditions applies.
  8. The Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign Terms and Conditions can be found on website

Terms and Conditions for The Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign:

  1. The Dubai Summer Surprises Scratch & Win Campaign runs from 21st June 2019 12:00am Gulf Standard Time until 3rd August 2019 11:59pm Gulf Standard Time (the “Promotion Period”).
  2. To participate in the daily surprise offer, participants must download The Dubai Mall Mobile APP (the “APP”) and register on the APP.
  3. Participants who open The Dubai Mall APP will receive a daily offer that they need to unveil by digitally scratching the offer on their device.
  4. In order to participate and redeem the offer, the participant has to share his personal information with The Dubai Mall such as full name, number, email and residency status.
  5. By participating and agreeing to the terms of this activation, the participant agrees to The Dubai Mall privacy policy.
  6. For any enquiry related to a specific offer, the winner should contact the participating store directly.
  7. The Dubai Mall is not liable for the content of the offer.
  8. The voucher must be presented to the participating store upon redemption, as per the redemption mechanics.
  9. The offer cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  10. Each offer will be valid for 48 hours after the offer is digitally scratched on the APP.
  11. The offer can be redeemed in the participating store as per the mall operating hours.
  12. Any expired offer will not be extended beyond the date stated, nor will its value be given back in the form of cash.


  1. This promotion is open to all members registered on The Dubai Mall APP.
  2. This promotion is open to participants aged 18 years and above only.


  1. The Dubai Mall will not be responsible for arranging flights, visa, hotel stays or meals or other   miscellaneous expenses apart from the scratch& win offer during the winner’s stay in Dubai, UAE.

Personal Information:

  1. By participating in this campaign, you acknowledge and agree to waive and release your rights in regards to certain personal information (such as your name, age, nationality, gender), to Emaar Malls and their affiliate companies and allow them to use this information for marketing purposes.

Governing Law:

  1. This campaign and the procedures associated with it shall be subject to UAE Federal Laws and the law of the Emirate of Dubai. Any dispute shall be referred to the Dubai Courts (excluding DIFC courts).